Dr. Kawamura of Hakodate University Visited Nankai University Binhai College and Conducted Academic Exchanges




Dr.Kawamura Rin, professor of Hakodate University, visited Nankai University Binhai College (NUBC) on September 17th upon the invitation of Department of Foreign Languages of NUBC. The visit was of 15 days, during which Dr.Kawamura Rin gave lectures to Japanese Language majors, in which she gave legal principle analysis of several popular academic issues, and communicated with the International Exchange Division concerning academic exchanges.

As one of the earliest universities with whom NUBC conducted international exchanges, Hakodate University has been very closely connected with NUBC for years.

At the beginning of 2018, the president of Hakodate University came to visit NUBC along with his delegation and conducted a one-day academic exchange with the Japanese Language majors from Foreign Languages Department of NUBC. The NUBC students deeply impressed Hakodate University and both parties agreed that the visit was far more fruitful than they had expected.

Dr. Kawamura Rin’s visit was an extension of the previous one, which further enhanced the academic exchange, strengthened the friendship and thus laid foundation for deeper and wider future communication.

(Translation:Zhang Hong)