The President of St. Cloud State University Visits Nankai University Binhai College


Dr. Robbyn Wacker, the 24th president of St. Cloud State University (SCSU), paid a visit to Nankai University Binhai College (NUBC) on October 29, accompanied by Shahzad Ahmad, Associate Vice President for International Studies of SCSU. Professor Zhang Dongsheng, President of NUBC, in company with Director of International Exchange Division of NUBC, met with the distinguished guests and had cordial conversations with them.

President Zhang Dongsheng warmly welcomed the visitors and appreciated the combined efforts between NUBC and SCSU on the smooth progress of the Finance 2+2 Program. Hoping to inject fresh vitality into the development of relations and write a new chapter in the traditional friendship between the two universities, he pledged to do more to promote the quality and standard of cultivation as well.

President Robbyn Wacker expressed her gratitude for President Zhang and stated that SCSU has always cherished the profound friendship with NUBC so much and thus prioritized NUBC in the whole plan of their visit to China. She emphasized that they would pay continuous attention to the cultivation progress of the Finance 2+2 Program and more support as well as help would be provided, expecting that the cooperation in more professional fields would be extended by the mutual endeavour.

Moreover, preliminary consensus was reached on further development of the Finance 2+2 Program and short-term exchange programs, etc.

After the meeting, President Wacker and Ahmad had a tour around the campus along with the staff of International Exchange Division of NUBC, and they highly praised the campus environment and teaching facilities.

(Translation:Zhang Hong)