Shahzad Ahmad, Associate Vice President of St. Cloud State University, Visits Nankai University Binhai College


Shahzad Ahmad, Associate Vice President of St. Cloud State University(SCSU), visited Nankai University Binhai College(NUBC) on 23rd, April, 2019. Professor Liu, Lisong, President of NUBC, with the company of Director of International Exchange Divisio of NUBC, warmly received him and had cordial discussions with him in Meeting Room 101 in the administrative building.

President Liu, on behalf of NUBC, extended warm welcome to the old friend and expressed appreciation for what he had done for the cooperation and exchange between two universities. President Liu gave a brief introduction to NUBC’s strategic plan of international cooperation and exchange, as well as its long-term and short-term goals of development. She pointed out that there has been a long history of friendly relation and cooperation between SCSU and NUBC. The profound relation has been established, and is still growing with deeper understanding between two colleges and unceasing development in areas and models of cooperation. Shahzad Ahmad’s commitment, enthusiasm and devotion had been greatly admired, and his effort had given impetus to the cooperation and exchange between two universities.

She also emphasized her expectation that more possibilities of cooperation should be explored along with the established program, Finance 2+2 Program and the developing 2+2 programs for Marketing, Cybersecurity and Environmental Engineering. It is anticipated that more cooperation will help build up bridge for cultural communication between students and provide students with bigger space for individual development.

Shahzad Ahmad expressed his thanks for the warm reception and conveyed greetings from Dr. Wacker, Presidents of SCSU, to President Liu. He stated that he was honored to be delegated by Dr. Wacker to visit NUBC, and he appreciated how the friendship between two colleges was cherished, and the cooperation and exchange were valued and supported. He was greatly inspired and encouraged by President Liu’s plan about international cooperation and exchange, which shared the global view and mentality with Dr. Wacker. He was firmly convinced that the cooperation between two colleges will be further strengthened under the leadership of President Liu and Dr. Wacker.

The bachelor-master degrees 3+1+1 program and short-term exchange program were also discussed in depth and a preliminary consensus was reached. Shahzad Ahmad also reported about the excellent academic performance and active involvement in campus activities of students who were sent from UNBC, which gratified President Liu.

(Translation:Zhang Hong)